ASP.NET Development

MagnusMinds offers complete ASP.NET Development services to help you build easy, fast, and reliable websites. Our 15+ years of technical competence and in-depth industry knowledge have helped us achieve the business goals with custom ASP.NET programming services.

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ASP.NET is a simple, effective, data-rich, functional-first, and server-side web application framework that allows you to create dynamic web pages.

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MagnusMinds’ ASP.NET Development Team is skilled, experienced, and constructs industry-specific solutions that can boost your productivity. The agile development method that we use throughout the project cycle ensures that the apps are delivered on time. We also assist businesses in migrating and updating their existing.NET apps from an obsolete framework to the most recent one, as well as from one old technology stack to .NET

Our Expertise in ASP.NET Development:

  • ASP.NET Software Development/Website Development/Applications Development/E-commerce Development Services.
  • Integration, Migration, and Porting of application in ASP.NET
  • Development of data management solutions with reporting & analysis.
  • Customizing Microsoft .NET based third-party products or solutions.
  • Support & Maintenance.
ASP.NET Development

Services We Offer

By leveraging the .NET framework's capabilities, we provide our clients with significant functionalities of ASP.NET

Custom ASP.NET Web & Software Development
ASP.NET MVC Development
ASP.NET CMS/Migration
ASP.NET Web API Development
Maintenance & Optimization

Why choose ASP.NET?


Require less code to assemble numerous applications

ASP.NET significantly reduces the amount of code necessary to create large apps. The source code and HTML are combined as ASP.NET pages, which makes them easy to maintain and create. Furthermore, the source code runs on the server, providing the web pages with a significant level of intensity and adaptability.

Very useful for business applications

The Windows Web Server monitors all of the site pages, segments, and apps that run on it, allowing large applications to function faster. For memory releases, unbounded circles, and other wrong practices, the ASP.NET system promptly issues a warning and restarts them more than once.

Cross-Platform Support

Using ASP.NET, programmers are not restricted to just one platform, which means you have all the freedom to develop a cross-platform application and as a result, it will run smoothly on all Devices and Operating systems, like Mac and Linux. Besides, developers even have the flexibility to choose the operating system based on their development needs too.

Developer Friendly

The comprehensive class library of ASP.NET features a wide range of common features and ready-to-use custom web controls that allow technical applications to be built without the need to build from scratch.