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Case Study

Here's the Case-Study of some of our works we'd like you to see...

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Rebuild a one-of-its-kind mobile platform to provide near real-time data at the job site and also to improve performance.

The Challenge

The client had already built an application using third-party tools to run their business. The client was using the tools which make the Stored Procedure to be available as a WEB API and Web API is being used on the Web Page. Everything was managed in XML. This was a SQL Server Database-driven application.

Now, the client wanted to scale up and the challenge here was that he could not start from scratch. In other words, he needed a solution on top of what he had. And also, he wanted to provide other related services to customers based on data collected by the existing application.

So, here the major challenges were:

1) We had limited components in the framework, so we were not able to develop UI compared to the current market trend.

2) We just had XML Framework and DB API, so it was difficult to complete some tasks which require the backend. i.e., File Upload, PDF Generation, etc.

3) It was a single tenant application, so pulling the data by different APIs was not possible in the current framework.

4) The concrete plants were using Physical Tickets for Trucks and uploading them to the portal.

5) How to overcome performance-related issues and show real-time data as well?

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The Solution

We analyzed existing components and frameworks about how everything is connected and after that, we took a gradual approach to overcome limitations and add features to the same. This is how we helped them:

1) We implemented 1 HTML component, in which we can inject custom HTML code which will be easy to implement the latest components in the current portal.

2) We implemented a "Windows Service" that can pull data from DB and do work by plugins, so PDF generation, Email Sending, and File Upload became easier.

3) We implemented a separate windows service for this challenge as well so that it can pull the data from API and push it to DB, at a given time period.

4) We made use of the E-Tickets and signed them digitally at the time of Covid when the physical tickets were not secure.

5) We migrated every possible thing to Azure i.e., Windows Services to Logic Apps, ETL to Data Factory, etc. and that helped us to get real-time data from plant to portal.

6) Developed Mobile Application, for real-time tracking.

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MagnusMinds Team was victorious in helping the client to provide a solution where he could get the real-time data as well as track the performance easily and efficiently. SQL Server is our core expertise, so we also provided them with various solutions to achieve their goals.

Technology Stack

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Visual Studio 2017
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Windows/Web Services
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HTML Razor (using XML)
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logo javascript jquery magnusminds
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MS SQL Server 2012
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