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Hybrid Mobile App Development was surely considered a disruptive and elongated process. But the launch of HTML5 Framework Ionic in 2013, proved to be a boon for the developers of Hybrid Mobile Applications. Hybrid Applications have special benefits in terms of platform support, the wide reach of devices, and speed of development.

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Ionic is an affordable choice for your Mobile Application Framework as it is Open Source. Due to its compatibility with all the platforms, it is much cheaper to develop a Hybrid App for different OS than to develop using multiple native apps for different OS. Still, the client has the native access to the majority of the features, hardware friendliness and functionality.

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Our Ionic App Development Services provide all the benefits, a client can expect from this unique framework such as themes, widgets, tools like Cordova and Phone Gap, plugins, UI Library etc. With the assimilation of MagnusMinds’s Expertise and Ionic's Cross-platform Compatibility, you will experience an intuitive Design and seamless performance for your application among all the platforms.

Our Expertise in Ionic Development:

  • Windows Mobile App Development.
  • App migration, maintenance & support services.
  • Cross Platform App Development.
Ionic Development

Services We Offer

Our Ionic App Development Services include a business development app to enable our client`s business in E-commerce, Customer Portal and CRM across all the mobile app platforms. Our arduous app/QA testing process assures a long time impression in client`s mind and User`s Experience.

Windows Mobile App Development
Cross Platform App Development
App migration , maintenance & support services

Why Choose Ionic?


Easy documentation and learning:

Ionic has very good and well documentation. Most of the things are covered in their official site. So you don’t have to move around different sites to learn. Moreover, If you have familiarity with html, css and JavaScript you can learn it very fast

Platform Independent Framework

It has the ability to acknowledge the platform specific optimized CSS equivalent to the native look and feel on various mobile Operating Systems. It reduced the need for code rewriting as it provides the codes of mobile-optimized HTML, JS, and CSS components. Apart from this, ionic integrates into Angular JS which becomes a robust structure making code excellent as well as more manageable. This empowers the Start-up entrepreneurs to come out with newer concepts at reduced budget.

Built On AngularJS

If you’ve worked upon Ionic, then you would likely realize that it is developed on top of the Angular JS framework.  Furthermore, Ionic framework shares compatibility with AngularJS, thus, the benefits of Angular JS development can be put to use too.

Rapid development

By running some command line, you can create pages (e.g. ionic g page your_ page_ name), providers, etc. When you run a command, it generates all files with template codes. So you don’t have to write everything from scratch. Ionic framework is excellent for quick application ideas prototyping.