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MagnusMinds offers the highest level of Database Development service for Microsoft SQL Server. We've worked on a variety of projects and have a lot of experience with database projects.

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MS SQL Server is a relational database server from Microsoft. It's the permanent storage of data. MS SQL Database Programming allows for a more precise and sophisticated way of handling data in any application, as well as a lower risk of data corruption.


MagnusMinds offers exceptional database development services for the Microsoft SQL Server platform. We have a team of experts who can create outstanding databases for all major versions of MS SQL Server. We provide cost-effective database development services that will boost the efficiency of your database. Our team of Microsoft SQL Developers ensures that your database systems run at peak performance, resulting in improved efficiency, lower overhead costs, and higher revenues.

Our Expertise in MS SQL Development:

  • Custom Database Design and Develop Databases using MS SQL Server(2005 up to 2019).
  • Data Warehousing (SSIS) and Dimensional Data Modelling.
  • Database Performance Tuning.
  • Database Administration.
  • SQL/T-SQL Programming.
MS SQL Development

Services We Offer

Our MS SQL Development Services is focused on creating some outstanding databases for all major versions of MS SQL Server.

Performance Scalability / Optimization
Query Optimization
Stored Procedure Development
Structured Query Language
QA/Testing Services

Why Choose MS SQL?



MS SQL server has superior compression and encryption features, which increase data storage and retrieval.


MS SQL server is one of the most secure database servers, with advanced encryption methods that make cracking the security levels enforced by the user almost difficult. Because MS SQL Server is not an open-source database server, it is less vulnerable to attacks.

Excellent Data Recovery and Restoration Mechanism

MS SQL Server understands the value of your data. As a result, MS SQL Server has a number of advanced tools that enable you to recover and restore data that has been lost or destroyed.

Optimized Data Storage

If you're utilizing a different device, Microsoft SQL Server eliminates the need for additional data storage from the same database. This makes data management simple and efficient, with little troubleshooting and maintenance required. As a result, you'll have more time to focus on other areas of your business.