About OpenTrolley Bookstore

Using Microsoft ASP.NET, we have developed the OpenTrolley Bookstore Website, which is a leading online bookstore in Singapore, Indonesia and now also in Malaysia.

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OpenTrolley is offering more than 10 Million imported US and UK Titles at great prices. As of 2016, Website Title collection has expanded over 10 Million Titles. Users can browse all books with 15 Million Titles in 4000 Categories.

For OpenTrolley Online Bookstore, we moved various datasets from various systems of record from Azure-hosted SQL server and implemented them on PowerBI Dashboards/SSRS Reports and AWS Environment. You can check its “Search Feature” which comes from 15 Million books. Also, we keep rebuilding tables/indexes as and when needed.


  • Search any book
  • Customer Management
  • Online Payment
  • Order History
  • Cart Facility
  • Cart Facility

Technology Stack

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SQL Server Integration Services
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Azure SQL Database
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SQL Server 2017
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logo ssrs magnusminds
SQL Server Reporting Services
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