Realtime Vehicle Tracking

About Realtime Vehicle Tracking

Using ASP.NET Windows Services, we have developed Real Time Vehicle Tracking which is the only mobile cloud platform for professional concrete contractors and producers who want to see improved profitability from fewer mistakes.


Real Time Vehicle Tracking provides complete and contextual information about concrete orders and pour performance. Also, Real Time Vehicle Tracking is the first to provide near real-time data at the job site, tracking performance during the pour. Real Time Vehicle Tracking mobile solutions are dramatically improving the way contractors and producers work and communicate.

For the Real Time Vehicle Tracking, we created a web and mobile application in which we improved crew utilization, job management and planning with accurate truck arrival information. We increased efficiency and profitability. We decreased down time, delays and job site stress. We reduced calls to dispatch. We also established mutual and clear accountability for delivered orders.


  • Gain transparent and trustworthy information instantaneously.
  • Access real-time information.
  • Decrease down-time and delays at the project site.
  • Track your trucks and chat with sales or dispatch at any time.
  • Place orders without wasting time with phone calls

Technology Stack

SQL Server Integration Services
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SQL Database
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SQL Server Reporting Services
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