Resil Health

About Resil Health

Using .NET Core, we have developed a Resil Health platform which connects pharmacies, pharmacy software, state public health registries and laboratories.

Virtual Event Management

Resil Health provides an affordable, convenient and above all a seamless private scheduling platform in coalition with a strong network of healthcare partners such as licensed pharmacy professionals, clinical laboratories and consulting physicians.

For Resil Health, we have created a customized Calendar for bookings and created time-slots for booking the appointment. Integrated the payment gateway and also displays the Appointment Summary using the reports and charts.


  • Online Booking.
  • Users can book their appointment as per their time-slot.
  • Weekly Reminder for the appointment.
  • Online Payment Integration.
  • Digital Signature functionality for contact-less confirmation.

Technology Stack

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SQL Server Integration Services
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SQL Database
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SQL Server Reporting Services
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