Travel Centric Platform Solution

About Travel Centric Platform Solution

Using Angular (for Front-End), we have developed a Travel Centric Platform Solution which is World's most flexible Business-Adaptive multi-channel travel centric platform solution.

Virtual Event Management

Travel Centric Platform Solution employs both an advanced Booking Engine and Loyalty Engine to deliver unparalleled user retention and revenue enhancing business opportunities.

For Travel Centric Platform Solution, we have created a Progressive Web-App using Angular9 and also created a custom library for multiple themes. The main thing about Travel Centric Platform is it manages all the components using pagebuilder. It also works on cross browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.


  • Online and Offline Booking.
  • Works for Multiple Business types such as B2B, B2C, B2G, etc.
  • Seat and Meal selection facility during travelling.
  • Providing the packages for Flights and Hotels.
  • Providing the facility of Product Shopping, Insurance, Car Rental, etc.

Technology Stack

SQL Server Integration Services
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SQL Database
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SQL Server Reporting Services
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