Virtual Event Management

About Virtual Event Management

Using Angular (for Front-End), we have developed a Virtual Event Management portal in which it offers the best of content streaming and virtual meeting as well.

Virtual Event Management

Main module of application is to Personalize, Recommendation Engine, Live Sessions, Virtual Expo Hall, Networking Lounge, Roundtables for Networking & Real Meetings, Video NetworkingML powered Recommendation engine to personalize agenda and offer attendee matches.

For Virtual Event Management, we created the tasks in Jira to make an estimation for given tasks and get them done on time. We also created Frontend Pages with nested Routing in Angular, bind API, Authenticate with JWT Token and also managed a team of frontend get tasks completed on time as in a given time frame.


  • Select the areas of interest to personalize the event experience.
  • Get recommended attendee matches, sessions, and solutions from the expo.
  • Watch live sessions, Mood Meter (emoji reactions), and moderated Q&A.
  • Video chats for one on one and one to few networking.
  • 24/7 Q&A (bot) support.

Technology Stack

SQL Server Integration Services
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SQL Database
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SQL Server Reporting Services
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